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Na Wei


Na Wei (b.1982, Liaoning, China)
Na Wei was born in 1982 and graduated from the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, with both a BFA and an MFA. He was born in a small city of Northern China named An Shan, an important city for the output of steel. As an ethnic minority, he chooses the form of carpets as a cultural symbol in his early Being Squeezed Series (2013 - 2016). These works seem, at a first glance, to be normal woven carpets. However, as one looks closely, one realizes that they are paintings: the extraordinary textures being achieved by Na Wei squeezing the paint from the tube directly onto his canvases. Such paintings of carpets are a meeting of art and craft. There are also his latest

The Difference in Temperature Series, which are other fine examples

of his ‘squeezed’ technique. 
In Na Wei’s Unity concept paintings, the artist attains a reconstruction of a visual dialogue by experimenting a collage of different media, technique, culture and style. “My intention is to create a visual experience of the East and the West and to make an impact between the two different languages,” says Na Wei.

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