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ARTIST TALK: "RE:ART" 7 May 2016

Tetsu Takeda x Wong Wing Tong (HK artist)

*Special host: Ms. Daisy Chu

Date: 7 May 2016 I 4.30 – 5.30pm

Venue: Art Experience Gallery

*Free admission

Art Experience Gallery is pleased to host an artist talk with Japanese artist Tetsu Takeda and Hong Kong artist Wong Wing Tong on 7 May 2016 during the opening event of Tetsu’s solo exhibition “The Sound of Nature” at Art Experience Gallery.

A sharing between the two artists who come from different culture and generation, about applying disposed objects or simply “garbage” collected from everyday life in their creations.

About Tetsu Takeda

Born in 1961 in Kobe, Japan. Lived aboard in New York for twenty-three years and returned to Japan in 2010. New York in the 80s and its culture has great impact on Tetsu’s works, in particular he was influenced by music, graffiti and street art at times.

Tetsu walks along the coast in his currently living small town on a daily basis, he observes and later on starts to collect different rubbish that washed up on the beach. He sees a pleasant beauty of these disposed objects in all kinds of shape and material, and such ingredients seem to have dissolved in his painting and sculpture works.

About Wong Wing Tong

Born in 1983 and raised in Hong Kong. Influenced by Hong Kong’s renowned avant-garde Hong Kong artist Frog King as his mentor, Wong is strongly expressive in applying a wide range of medium in art from paintings to sculpture, and from installation to performance. He has a natural instinct and talent in using materials on top of his traditional well-trained techniques. Wong’s previous works include a variety of printmaking, sculpture, drawing, collage and three-dimensional works made of recycled materials.

Currently working as a community artist in Hong Kong, he collaborates with many local residents, independent artists and organizations, and contributes to local society, traditional crafts and culture. He is a passionate and devoted artist who has a strong sense of belonging to his home city.

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