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AFFORDABLE ART FAIR 2014 20 Mar 2014


Art Experience Gallery is going to feature 14 artists at Affordable Art Fair 2014.The art fair will start from March 20 - 23, please come to visit us at booth J09!

Featuring Artists / 參展藝術家:

Hiroshi Mori 森洋史

Li Ying 李穎

Nan Chao 南超

Shih Yung Chun 時永駿

Wang Rui 王睿

Wu ChunYin Aries 胡浚諺

Ya-chu Kang 康雅筑

Yeh Chih-hang 葉誌航

Zhao Guanghui 趙光暉

Wu Yiqiang 吳以強

Na Wei 那危

Christian Nicolay

Wang Mengdi 王夢地

Ge Hui 葛輝

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