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Art Experience Gallery is honored to invite Mr Victor Wong – an expert in cinema visual effect as well as computer digital designer to co-organize the 3D Printing Seminar. It aims to share with our local artists of the 'new media’ knowledge and information technology, in order to empower more imagination in the space of creation. Apart from the 3D Printing demonstrations, we will also have Miss Tenme Kwan, our guest speaker to give a brief introduction of silicone and moulding production and application.

Speaker: Victor Wong

An expert in cinema visual effect and computer digital designer, was awarded as one of Hong Kong’s 10 most outstanding young person in 2005. Many of his creations had been awarded for the Best Visual Effects and Best Animation category with high reputation in his industry. The founder and director of vfxNova, Victor has created a 3-Dimensional ink painting software and started his art journey. The series of painting is named ‘Infinite Ink’ and has been printed on Chinese rice paper for different experiments.

Speaker: Mr. Victor Wong

Guest speaker: Miss Tenme Kwan

Time: 18 July (Sat) | 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Venue: Art Experience Gallery

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