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Wu Yiqiang


Wu Yiqiang (b. 1970, Yunnan, China)


Are all the existing appearances presenting the nature of things in its true sense? From his dubious and critical conception towards the authenticity and objectivity of the news media, Wu Yiqiang’s skeptical attitude is extended to every aspect of the everyday life, from newspapers to other paper media such as promotional materials, books, magazines and even religious texts. In these paper media, what the artist feels is a chaotic world in which everyone rushes to converse their opinions and thoughts, but well, who is really talking? What are they talking about? Who is criticizing whom? The fact is no clear meaningful content can be derived from all this talking.The reflections of the artist seem to liberate us from the crowded images and texts in this topsy-turvy world, which has inspired a new way of thinking in the prevalent hustle and bustle.

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