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Shih Yung Chun


Shih Yung Chun (b. 1978, Taiwan)


Shih Yung Chun was graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts in 2003. Shih did not rush himself to become an artist, instead he went travelling around the world after graduation He started to focus on painting seriously since 2009 and immediately received a lot of attention from the art scene. His inspiration comes from everyday life, yet his work is not intended to reflect the reality, he composes the paintings into a visualized mythical space with collage of his memories and imaginations.
The surrealist scenes made from the conjunction of items and events not normally associated with each other, resulting a series of “Tim Burton” like scenarios and offer the audience a rather dramatic visual enjoyment and left an unforgettable impression at first sight. The fictionalized phenomena performs a frozen moment interlace with both imaginative and realistic ingredients, where the artist turns the routine reality into a spacey playground for self-entertainment. The dramatic yet believable everyday scenes lead the audience to rediscover a pure pleasure of play.
Shih has participated in numerous exhibitions and art fairs in Asia and Europe, and was an art award winner of Geisai Taiwan#3 in 2011. He is now living and working as a full time artist with his French bulldog in Taipei.

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