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Ng Sum Chi


Ng Sum Chi (b. 1990, China)


Ng Sum Chi received his BA from the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014, and was a finalist of the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award. In 2012 and 2013, Ng’s work was exhibited in Dresden (Germany) and Nagoya (Japan) respectively. He was also selected as a residence artist at the Royal Academy of Art in London in 2014.

Ng has been traveling to different countries for art residence and exchange program over the past few years for his art adventure. Nature seems to be unseparated with his work, as he believes that it is the beginning and end of all life forms. By exploring and experimenting different materials with his art, Ng is trying to recreate and interpret the connection between nature and him. He traces the gracefulness of nature and transform into his brushstrokes, awakening the soul from our overdeveloped city. Now he works and lives in Hong Kong as a full-time artist.

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