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Michael Chan (M.C.)

陳啟駿 (M.C.)

M.C. (Michael Chan) is a local born Hong Kong artist. He began his career as a professional photographer and photographic artist in 2005. Now, M.C. is a photography lecturer in Hong Kong Design Institute and photography instructor in The Open University of Hong Kong.  M.C. is studying Master of Arts in Fine Arts in The Chinese University of Hong Kong and received a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) in Photography from RMIT University, Australia, co-presented by Hong Kong Art School. In 2011, he had a solo exhibition “Life and Living” at the Pingyao International Photography Festival in China.

M.C.’s series ‘Elite’ was selected as the finalist of the WYNG Masters Award 2012. In 2013, M.C. is one of the finalists of the Hasselblad Masters 2014, Three Shadows Photography Award 2013 and 2013 Art Nova. His works were collected by collector and museum in Hong Kong. In 2014, M.C. received a scholarship from Hong Kong Arts Development Council, and will further his study at the University of the Arts London, studying Master of Communication, Media and Critical Practice.


“The things I want to express are so beautiful and pure.” -- Maurits Cornelis Escher.

Based on this belief, M.C. started in photography, his works are a reflection of his opinions and feelings towards this society.

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