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Hye Kyoung Kwon


Hye Kyoung Kwon (b. 1984, Ulsan, South Korea)

Hye Kyoung Kwon took great interest in painting at a young age, and graduated from Saar College of Fine Arts, Germany in 2015. Lived and studied abroad in Germany for eight years, she is currently participating an artist-in residence program at Kumho Art Studio (sponsored by Kumho Museum of Art) in South Korea. Hye’s works have been exhibited in various exhibitions in Germany, Korea and Hong Kong.

As a painter, the artist paints objects from contemporary cityscapes in life size, allowing subjects from our everyday city scenery reappear on large canvas. “Large canvases give a spatial presence to the subject and bring charisma of the original objects at present.” says Hye. Her many travel experiences in different foreign countries in the past, and a long time living in Germany has greatly influenced on her perception of the world, which she has built a sense of loneliness and desolation inside. These sensations allow the artist to pay attention to many hidden details and unattended objects in our daily environment, while Hye chooses to respond to these objects through her painting. 

Hye participated in the 3rd edition of First Smash Art Exhibition curated by Art Experience Foundation in summer 2016, it was her first time exhibiting her work in Hong Kong. Hye presented her work at Art Central Hong Kong in March 2017 with Art Experience Gallery.

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