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Hiroshi Mori


Hiroshi Mori (b. 1977, Tokyo, Japan)


Graduated from Tokai University in 2000. Hiroshi Mori worked as a game creator and a car painter and a Tokyo public school teacher afterwards. Later on he joined the National University of Arts of Tokyo where he completed his MFA in oil painting in 2013.


The Rimpa school, traditional Japanese painting and the culture of Japanese cartoons are a great source of inspiration for the artist who combines traditional art and new technologies in his work. It is with the innovative technique called symbolic iconography that Hiroshi depicts the fears and hopes of men. The integration of new technology in his work is a challenge for the artist who thinks that it is necessary to keep up-to-date with the innovations of our times. In his early Religious series, Hiroshi combines Japanese anime and pop art with some of the most iconic religious portraits of the Renaissance era to create a fresh new take on classical Western and Japanese Rimpa-style art, which he gained recognition for his humorous work featuring historical figures drawn as anime characters. His most recent works printed of square paint tiles inspired by video games and anime characters further explore and stimulate the impact of Japanese animation and manga culture, creates pure visual amusement for the viewers. Hiroshi's work became quickly recognized in Japan since 2009, and he has participated in many art fairs and exhibitions in Asia and the United States over the years. 

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